The A22 Foxbat

The budget winner that performs like no other.

If you're looking for a rugged aircraft that's easy to handle, has amazing short field performance, yet is capable of cruising at 95+ knots, while (legally) carrying a good load - you've come to the right place

The A22 is a very short take-off and landing (VSTOL) aircraft

So what? Simple – control and safety. Getting off and back onto the ground quickly, at a slow speed, means less wear and tear on the landing gear, and less potential damage to the propeller from stones and gravel. And less inertia to bring to a halt if the unthinkable happens on take-off or landing!

There is a huge amount of room in the cabin

It’s probably the biggest, airiest cabin in its class. This means that whether you’re learning, or flying with a friend, you’re not jammed shoulder to shoulder, the controls are easier to use, and room to move makes for greater safety all round.

The visibility is amazing

The doors are glazed to the floor, the windscreen is massive and even the rear section of the fuselage is glazed. If you’re learning to fly in the A22LS, this makes for superb circuit visibility.

If you’re flying a ground search mission, you can see almost straight down without banking. And if you’re touring, you can see everything on the ground for miles around. The seats are positioned correctly, so tall people do not get a sore neck having to duck down to see under the wing in flight and yet can easily see over the nose.


The flight handling is superbly balanced and safe

Stalling is a non-event, even without flaps. There is no tendency at all to drop a wing and you can side-slip safely with or without flap. At slow speeds, the controls are light and effective - at higher speeds they firm-up and make cruising a more relaxed affair than in some sensitive ‘performance’ related aircraft.

Last but not least, it’s easy to get into and out of

Fed up of contorting yourself to get over the control sticks? Or jamming your legs in to get under the control yokes? Forget it in the A22LS. The center stick makes entry and exit as simple as getting into and out of bed. Even the optional control yokes are set high so you can just slide in under them

The A22 is used extensively in Australia by outback ranchers. It lands in tight places on fields and rutted pastures. This is a seriously tough aircraft.

Did we mention empty weight? Around 700 pounds. That gives it a useful load of over 600 pounds!

How much? Would you believe it starts at under $90k? Yep! We can help you configure the exact equipment and colors for your own personal A22 Foxbat. Delivery takes 4-6 months from time of order.